More than a job

WE WOULD LIKE you to meet our Maziotela family.

Although these people are workers on the cashew farm here at Maziotela Ministries, God has given them ‘more than a job’!

As we see the joy on their faces, we remember some recent testimonies.

Two men have seen their wives receive prayer, deliverance and healing after trying many witch doctors!

Another non-Christian worker asked for prayer for his mother. His mother then went to her family chief and said she was now following Jesus and would never again practice their family traditions with the witch doctor.

Another two have been healed from fatal diseases.

One man, on a ‘restorative justice’ programme after theft, is now walking with the Lord.

Others have seen miraculous protection over their lives and even a muslim worker tells others “he knows Jesus Christ answers prayers”.

Please rejoice with us

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