Job Skills For Young People

WE ARE STARTING a new venture to help give job skills to the younger generation of Egyptians. Our vision is to see young people working in jobs and even starting up their own businesses.

After the political revolution in 2011, there was a serious economic crisis in Egypt. We faced many issues like a 25 percent unemployment rate and many students graduating school with no computer skills, secondary language skills or craft. On top of that, our population continues to grow quickly. We feel led to help with this increasing need.

We plan to train in the areas of hair dressing, hair cutting, shaving, fixing air conditioners and repairing mobile phones, computers and other electronics. Our plan is to also provide courses that teach computer skills and secondary languages, while at the same time taking every opportunity to share and represent Jesus.

Please pray for the success of our training centre and for God to establish this new ministry.

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