Jesus Our Protector

In many cultures children are seen as commodities to be used in whatever way best benefits their family. That may mean selling a child into a brothel, or sending them to work in a factory. Yet all in the family, including the child, understand this is the child’s duty.

Millions of children in developing countries know they need a helper and a protector. In such cultures, where children are so vulnerable, more than 80% respond in similar ways when they hear about Jesus. Such as, “I’m so glad to know I am loved by Jesus so much”, “I am amazed to know I am special to God – I’ve never been special to anyone before”, or “Jesus helped me when I prayed to Him. Now I feel loved like never before”.

One Changed Life – Leads To Many More
Napaporn said, “I was very self-absorbed as a child. I didn’t care about anyone else. Now I know Jesus and all I want to do is share His love so I’m teaching groups of children from the slum about Him”.

Weerasak was mocked at school for wanting to follow Jesus. Yet he said, “I knew that Jesus was with me so I believed what He said about me – not what my schoolmates were saying”. Now Weerasak teaches many teens in his rural church.

In Orawan’s village, people feared evil spirits. At 13, Orawan began to follow Jesus. As village leaders did all they could to stop her, others in the village began seeking Jesus. Why? More and more of them saw Orawan was no longer afraid.

God’s Heart For All Children
In Thailand, my desire has been to help children know there is a Protector who can be with them in every situation. I know this is God’s heart for all children. Tassanee was given a picture of Jesus with a group of children. She often looked at it, thinking “I wish I had someone who loved me the way He loves those children”. But then, Tassanee became possessed by a demon and was kept locked away for much of her childhood. Yet God remembered that childhood “prayer”. When Tassanee was in her twenties, God miraculously brought Christians to her. Now her greatest joy is to teach young people about Jesus and help them follow Him.

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