Jesus Is Alive

In a little obscure village in central Laos earlier this year, a roadside noodle seller with two sons and an ailing husband was struggling to make a living for her family. Her business was not good, there was no employment for her sons, and her husband’s medical costs had consumed all their available finances. Her husband, battling cancer, had recently had surgery in a town hospital far away, and he needed further treatment.
Downcast and without any hope, she heard that someone in the village was talking about a man called Jesus. She had a growing desire to know more, so left her store untended to go and hear herself. She became a believer and follower then and there, believing that Jesus is truly real and alive today. She went back home and told her family about Jesus. They prayed together and committed themselves and their circumstances to God.
When the husband went for another medical check-up some days later, the doctor told them that the cancer had gone into remission, and that no further chemo or treatment was necessary. Praise the Lord! Jesus is alive!

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