Bible study groups hungry for God’s Word

Jesu oang rata! (Jesus loves me!)

AFTER RECEIVING paper hearts with “Jesus loves me” written on them, the children of this rural Lesotho village started chanting: “Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me!” Praise the Lord! His message of love echoed through the hills of this beautiful country!

This is our heart for these people: bringing the peace, indescribable love and healing of Jesus to a people often forgotten because of their simple way of living. “Jesus oang rata!” rings true.

When our outreach team reached a mountain village, a lady was sitting shaking. She shared that evil spirits were tormenting her. Praise the Lord for His authority! We left her in peace because of His love.

A man wanted to accept Jesus as Saviour but he hesitated, afraid to anger the spirits of his forefathers. After learning who he is in Christ, he renounced forefather worship and bowed his knee to Christ alone!

Bible study groups have started gathering, with locals hungry to share and learn the God’s Word. Praise God, who reveals Himself to those who seek Him – He is faithful and true!

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