It’s Salvation Time!

The Holy Spirit put a burden in our hearts for Song Pluay village, so for two months we prayed for the people and visited often. Then we approached the village leader, who gave us permission to share the Good News and have fun activities for the children. He told us of his burden for both the youth, who were getting involved in drugs, and for the elderly, many of whom were on their own while family members went looking for work in other provinces. Recently we began doing house-to-house evangelism and children’s activities with 20-30 kids and teenagers. Pastor Nueng from Jump Church then preaches to those gathered and invites them to ask Jesus into their lives. Many children are now believers, and enjoy singing and praising the Lord. Every week, as our church van approaches the village, the children come out to meet us and then run and tell others that we have arrived. Do pray with us, as we believe the Holy Spirit will do an even greater work of salvation among the children, teenagers and adults of this village.

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