Important Work For The Willing

Susanna runs a children’s home in Myanmar for the poorest of the poor. She trains children’s workers and conducts children’s clubs and outreaches. She’s very busy but always willing to do more for the Lord.

She recently wrote: “I thank the Lord for the opportunity to attend the WOI Conference, and Child Abuse / Safety Training in Chiang Mai. I have more work to do now! We never talk about these things in our culture, but they do happen. I have now taught this subject in five Bible schools and to many children’s workers in the last four months. They asked lots of questions. Recently 92 Bible college students came together for a special training. A young woman told me that she lives in an army camp because her father is a soldier. She was glad to learn about this subject because now she knows how to help the child victims of sexual abuse in her community. In these trainings God is touching people’s hearts to be more concerned for children’s spiritual and physical safety.”

Child Safety Training is a raw and unglamorous ministry, but one which we take very seriously.

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