Impacting Syrian Refugees with Jesus’ Love

The Middle East is witnessing horrifying bloodshed and terribly sad times. Millions of people are being displaced and forced to immigrate to other nations, leaving behind their homes and all they have ever known. However, in the midst of all this turmoil, I testify as a member of God’s family, that there are enormous opportunities to introduce Jesus Christ to the tens of thousands of Syrians escaping their homeland.
Daily we have opportunities to show Jesus’ love to those in the refugee camps. We share with them that we come to them because Christ himself came to us and commissioned us to reach out to them. One refugee said, “We never received such love from Muslims.” Another asked us to keep visiting him and said, “The atmosphere around here has changed since you started to visit. Please keep coming even if you bring no gifts of food or clothing.” We were also welcomed into the tent of some very fanatic Muslims. The wife of this family shared that she had a dream in which she was dusting a table and under the dust she found a cross. When she saw us approaching her tent, she knew her dream was being fulfilled. On another occasion, I was indirectly sharing God’s love with a Muslim man. He interrupted me saying, “Share with me directly about Jesus Christ. I am searching for Him and want to be baptised.” A family that used to give lessons on the Qur’an received Jesus and declared, “We came here with no family, but now you are our family. Come, let’s eat together.”
There are thousands upon thousands of open doors for us to share the Gospel with the Syrian children as well. The Lord has opened doors for the children to meet Him during school time and camps that we put on. They are learning the Bible stories and singing songs to God! A special conference was held just for children; the parents were encouraged, saying, “Teach our children, we trust in you.”
The days are running by fast and the countless opportunities to share the Gospel are so exciting. Let us all join together in prayer that we might achieve all that God desires in these times. “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position but for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14).

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