Impacting Leaders in Southern Africa

On a recent trip to Africa, I flew to the Malawian city of Blantyre to conduct a third and final seminar. Our mission partner in Malawi, Rodney Monkhondya, does an extraordinary job in capably facilitating our seminars. Over 100 pastors attended the seminar from over 40 churches spread across Malawi. The majority came from rural and outlying areas. Seventy of the pastors had attended all three years.

2015-3-hills2From Malawi, I flew to Monapo, Mozambique, where WOI has a strong presence working among Muslim coastal people groups. Four different WOI partners sent a total of 47 key leaders for three days of leadership development and ministry at Maziotela Farm. Despite many adversities, our partners there have pioneered church planting movements that are making a significant impact in communities that had never been touched by the Gospel. Some of the pastors mentioned how the training ‘was so relevant. I only wish someone had taught me this years ago.’ Another said, ‘In Africa, we normally just tell this one to do that, but now I see I have to find the right person with the right gift to do the right task.’

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