I Knew It Was the Truth

In Thailand, the Good News Team is still visiting schools and teaching every child about Jesus. This is the only opportunity for most Thai children to hear about Jesus. We know God’s Spirit is moving as we see children listening intently. And we know as they hear God’s Word, it has the power to change their lives.
We find great joy in meeting adults who were reached ten or more years ago in their schools. Many are now Christian leaders, and it’s amazing how many say the same thing: “When you came to my school, it was the first time I’d heard about Jesus. But I knew it was the truth and I knew one day I’d follow Jesus.”
We continue to see God make himself known to children as they hear His Word for the first time. Recently we reached 1,416 children in one week. Of those children, 488 are now doing our Bible correspondence lessons, nearly 30 per cent! Please pray each child will come to know Jesus.

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