I Found the Truth

I was born into a Muslim family but the practices left me empty inside so I began a search for the truth. On the journey I met a guru and followed him for a while thinking he would help me discover it. This came to nothing, and I remained empty, hungry, and thirsty for truth. A Christian evangelist came to my village to talk to us about Jesus. I responded to him that “Isa” (Jesus) is our “nabi” (prophet). He told me to go and buy a Koran and read everything that is written about Jesus. I did and was amazed at how many times the Koran referenced Jesus. I realized that the truth that I was searching for was Jesus Himself! I later met up with the evangelist and asked how I could start to follow Jesus. He said, “You have to believe and be baptised.” So I asked Jesus Christ into my life, and later was water baptised. Since then members of my family, as well as the residents of our village, continue to ridicule and persecute my wife and me, but now that we have discovered the Truth, we have decided to stand firm and follow Jesus only.

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