How Can I Pay You Back?

Mr B is from Colombia and has spent five years in three different Thai prisons. I met him in Khon Kaen prison. The prison authorities allow me to be an interpreter at the weekly men’s church service, so I was able to share the Gospel with Mr B through his heart language. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour and developed a hunger to know God more intimately. Someone gave him a Spanish Bible; he spent hours every day reading it. Mr B wrote more than 100 letters from prison to family and friends in Colombia, sharing with them his newfound faith. Prior to his being released from prison and flying back to Colombia, my friends at the local Jump Church met with him, provided him food and clothing and prayed with him. Shortly after Mr B arrived in Bogota, he phoned me to say thank you so much, and asked ‘How can I ever pay you back?’ I told him that he owes us nothing, and the most important thing is that he follows and serves the Lord with all his heart. Today our ministry in Khon Kaen prison continues, sharing the love and Word of God, and we are seeing many prisoners being set (spiritually) free! Praise the Lord!

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