Korka travels to villages where the Gospel is needed

You and your household

AS A FULANI EVANGELIST, Korka is seeing entire families coming to Christ. Acts 16:31’s “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household,” is happening, even in his own family. He rejoices that two of his daughters are married to believers who are training to become pastors. His other two sons are also believers involved in teaching the Bible to children. All of the 30 adults and children in Korka’s household are now followers of Jesus!

During one of Korka’s trips to a village 150 km away, Korka and his friend visited with the only believer in the village. Taking the opportunity, they shared the Gospel with the Fulani believer’s family. After hearing the message, 10 of them believed in Jesus Christ! God is bringing salvation to households. Please pray that many more families will come to Jesus as Korka travels to villages where the Gospel is needed.

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