The children enjoying activities at the House of Hope.

House of hope

THE SLUMS AROUND BANGKOK are desperately needy. Parents despair as they watch their children struggle against drug dealers who hang around at the school gates, targeting the most vulnerable.

That is why mums and dads in Tungsonghong are so grateful that the House of Hope offers a safe place for children to go after school. The kids come to learn English and music and also to study the Bible and worship Jesus! Every week there are more young people coming to join in the activities.

Now, some older teens have joined our leadership team and are helping with the Top Kids outreach programme every Saturday. They are learning how to share their faith with their families and friends. It’s a tough, heartbreaking place to work, but we are filled with joy when we see whole families baptised and following Jesus – ever-increasing circles of light in this dark place.

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