Slum children are made to feel

House of hope birthday blessings

HOW DO YOU LIKE to celebrate your birthday? A big cake? A gift that is exactly what you’ve always wanted? Most children eagerly wait for their birthday and that special gift from Mum and Dad or even a party with their friends. Not if you were born in Thailand – and especially not if you live in one of the slum communities around Bangkok. In that case, don’t expect anyone to remember your birthday and you won’t be disappointed.

That’s why the children in Tungsonghong slum resettlement community love coming to the House of Hope. Birthdays are special there – because kids are special, created by God in His own image. Every month there is a big birthday celebration and those who have had birthdays get to choose their favourite food. Then the highlight of the day happens – the leaders pray for them and bless them in the name of Jesus. They go back home feeling loved – and special.

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