A house church meeting

House churches change lives

RANI is a house church leader and church planter. Through her witness, she has seen her brothers delivered from addiction and leading their own house churches. She reaches children in her community through tutoring, showing them how to follow the greatest teacher who ever lived.

AC recently reconnected with childhood friend Jibon. AC quickly learned that Jibon was struggling. His wife had become a witch doctor. She had cast spells on him and would often leave human body parts in the house. He lived in fear.

Jibon was shocked to learn that AC had left Hinduism. AC explained, “This isn’t about religion. I have found the one true God, who is beyond religion.”
As Jibon headed home, he noticed something about the temple next door. The temple door always had a lock on it but this evening, that lock was broken. Jibon took this as a sign and realised that he had been set free. His fear disappeared and peace came reigning in. Jibon began living for the Lord and as a result of his testimony, 72 house churches have been planted.

TUFAN had a good job as a hotel cook but he did not have health insurance, so when he got sick, he had to stop working. He was diagnosed with kidney failure and could not afford treatment. He lay at home, in pain, waiting to die.

One day, a Christian passed by and began talking to Tufan’s wife, who poured out the whole story. The witness went in and prayed over Tufan, then left to share his story with his house church. The next day, the church returned. They prayed over Tufan again and then called an ambulance.
They accompanied Tufan to hospital, where they paid with their own money. The doctors, touched by their love, referred Tufan to a specialist. Today, Tufan is healed and his family is following the Lord.

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