Mrs Nahed and her children with one of our team members buying them new clothes

Hope restored

MRS NAHED LIVES in a well-known poverty-stricken area of Cairo with her four children. She and her husband have always been poor. Last year her husband was approached by some Muslims who offered him money if he would leave Christianity. Being desperate, he agreed. He also left his wife and children.

Mrs Nahed was devastated and wondered how she would ever be able to care for her children. Her neighbours occasionally gave her money or food but often there was not enough to feed them all. She began to lose all hope, even in God and stopped going to church.

One of our WOI colleagues met her and learnt of her plight. He then shared her story with the rest of us. We decided we wanted to help by giving her money, food and clothing for the family. She was deeply moved and within a short time we could see her hope restored. She is now regularly attending church having re-dedicated her life to the Lord and believes there is a future for her and her children.

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