HOPE: Help Overcome Poverty with Education

School year 2016-2017 officially started the first week of October. We have the opportunity to bless 322 students in our two schools.
In Leba we have 123 students (56 boys and 67 girls). In Nonsin we have 199 students (103 girls and 96 boys). It is amazing that there are more girls than boys coming to school, especially in Leba. A village organisation recognised this and congratulated the school for their role in mobilising parents in sending their daughters and keeping their daughters in school.
We also received other awards, for students who ranked first in drama and solo playback, and third in poetry and cultural dance. Congratulations to these students! Additionally, Leba School Principal Mr Etienne Napaongo was awarded the Excellence Award by the Department of Education for achieving 100 per cent passing rate for CEP for two consecutive years. Congratulations Mr Napaongo! The school has also been awarded a free water pump well and two latrines for their excellent performance.

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