HOPE: Help Our Partners Excel

Training and equipping our local partners is key to evangelising communities and church planting. In Leba, 30 children’s workers representing 16 churches were trained to conduct children’s camps. Three stories from the Superbook Series were chosen. They all learned these together. Then, they were trained on how to teach these stories in a way that would be effective and relevant to children. They were also trained in how to do arts and crafts using local materials. Finally they were trained how to organise a mini-Olympics. To apply what they learned, a three-day kids’ camp was organised. The camp was a success and churches are asking to do the whole Superbook Series in their churches.
While the children’s camp was going on, a three-day Fulani prayer conference was also organised. Among those in attendance were Fulani believers, evangelists and workers from different villages. It was an amazing three days for prayer, worship, encouragement and vision casting. There were amazing testimonies of how one by one, the Fulanis are coming to the Lord through the efforts of Fulani believers evangelising and sharing their testimonies. Please continue praying for our HOPE programmes. Let us continue to partner together until we see churches in the 60 ethnic groups in Burkina.

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