Hope for Europe

Hope for Europe


Pray for the people of North Africa and Europe as we witness historic changes happening in our world. Hundreds of thousands of North Africans are flooding into Europe’s cities because of crises in their own countries. These events could change the landscape of Europe. Let us seize this opportunity to respond with prayer.

Europe was the birthplace of world mission – now it is a challenging missionary frontier. The Hope II Congress held in May 2011 was an opportunity for Europeans, including many World Outreach International (WOI) partners, to unite around the theme of hope and a desire to see change. At this event, the Hope for Europe award was given to Patricia Green in honour of her work. This prestigious award is given annually by the Hope for Europe movement to a person or project embodying the biblical message of hope, and the values of partnership, transformation, and integrity. The focus is to inspire others to actions of hope – this award and many stories told at the Congress were a great inspiration.

Acts 17:26-27 “…and God determined the exact places where they should live so that men would seek him…and perhaps reach out for him and find him…” Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims – not across the world but across the street!

Joshua Project lists almost one million Hindu people (Tamils, Hindi, Gujarati, Sindhi) in the UK, but Kairos graduates recently met some new arrivals: Nepalese, families of Gurkha Soldiers, who have moved to their area in South England. Faithfulness and loyalty are characteristics of the Gurkhas. Pray that they will discover the love and faithfulness of Jesus and become followers of Jesus within their own cultural context.

As part of a week-long mission and discipleship week, 14 young people gathered in a predominantly Pakistani community in northern England to learn about cross-cultural mission. The week included cultural and biblical training, climaxing with the team running a family fun day in partnership with the local city-wide kids’ club.

The week provided hands-on practical experience on how to build cross-cultural relationships with a view to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Speaking about the week, Nathanial (17) said, “It’s helpful having the information about the different cultures, why they might be here and what issues we need to be aware of when sharing our faith. It has been a really useful experience–learning lessons for life.”

The mission week was a fantastic opportunity for people to develop their understanding of God’s heart for the nations. You don’t have to go overseas to reach the nations; the ends of the earth are here in Europe, living on our doorsteps.

If you haven’t yet seen the DVD, Why Europe Why Now, or the New Faces of Europe Prayer Guide, please contact the WOI-UK office and we will send you these inspiring resources for the cost of postage and packaging.

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