Is heaven’s culture possible?

WHEN WE THINK of ministry, we may only think of the confines of church but God wants to impact our everyday lives. He is ready, willing and able to release heaven to earth if we will allow Him.

Recently we found ourselves in a non-ministry everyday environment and chose to live heaven’s culture. We experienced His faithfulness to give us power and authority to change everyday situations and even more serious physical conditions, to His glory! It was so exciting to see miracles, both big and small:

  • Physical growth where there was lack, as we commanded by faith.
  • Instant change in aggressive attitudes as we released love and peace over the person.
  • A shift in hostile atmospheres as we asked the Holy Spirit to flood the room.
  • Financial needs met.
  • Two damaged relationships restored.
  • Detailed experiences of the Father’s love.

God’s love, power and authority are available to His sons and daughters for our everyday experiences. A heavenly culture is destined to prevail through His children.

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