Heartfelt gifts

Valentine’s Day is huge in Patpong. There are pink balloons, roses and other ‘love’-themed accessories available for sale everywhere. This year, Rahab wanted to give women something that would last a little longer than fresh roses, something that had been handmade for them with love. The hearts of our workers went into each of the small hearts they crocheted to show the bar girls they are loved and appreciated. Each heart featured a verse from 1 Corinthians 13, to show the women what real love looks like.

As Rahab workers handed out the hearts, some of them entered into a dark, spiritually oppressive bar. Even though prostitution is illegal in Thailand, it was obvious that sex was for sale here. Not only did the women in the bar happily accept the hearts, they followed the Rahab workers out of the bar with huge smiles on their faces. Those hearts brought some light into the darkness of that bar.

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