Heart-warming reports

GENERATION MINISTRIES had another successful year! We praise God for the 1150 children’s ministry workers trained in five countries, who are discipling 25,000 kids! Also for the more than 12,500 children ministered to in outreaches. Heart-warming reports keep coming from team leaders, like this one from Menuo Keditsu in India:

I trained 353 children’s workers in three Indian states in the last 10 months. Here are some testimonies:

  • “I feel bolder in the Spirit, now that I know the authority and power through Jesus to strengthen us to minister to the children and see positive results.”
  • “Our church needed up-to-date methods and materials. This training gave me both.”
  • “I now know the importance of modelling what I teach.”
  • “Your practical training has helped me to preach the Gospel well.”

I also ran a youth camp for refugee Bengalis, a young adults’ mission workshop among the Ao tribe and leadership training with a Baptist church. I spoke about Satanism at a youth group and 40 kids accepted Christ. We have more than 35 churches using our resources for children’s ministry!

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