Lorraine, John and Nok walk to a new house church.

She heard singing

MRS LEK HAS BEEN interested in knowing God all her life. She tried Buddhist prayers, gave alms to monks and went to the witch doctor but only found emptiness. One day Mrs Lek saw a piece of paper stuck in a tree. She pulled it out and read “Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world. He died on the cross to save you from your sins”. That’s all it took for Mrs Lek to put her faith in Christ. It was a long, lonely journey with no one who understood the huge change in her heart – until the day she heard singing in a small house. She caught the word “Jesus” and poked her head into a house church planted by one of our WOI teams. A house full of new believers just saved out of Buddhism – just like her! Mrs Lek has a spiritual home at last. Yet 5,819 districts in Thailand still have no church. Believe with us for a church to be planted in every Thai town and village!

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