Gathered with the Makua Nahara people

I hear the sound!

GOD’S ANNOUNCEMENT of the great things he was about to do on Pentecost was prefaced by the sound of a mighty wind. It was just such a sensation I experienced when our team arrived in Mozambique to visit the Globe Europe missionaries working with WOI. We sensed that Jesus is about to do great things amongst the Makua-Nahara people.

Whenever we offered to pray for the sick, many responded and then testified that God had healed them. At a special meeting of new believers, they voiced their desire to meet on a regular basis and then proclaimed they would share their joy with their extended families. During our prayer time, they poured out their hearts to God. Two new followers of Jesus are planning on going two days a week from village to village to tell others about Jesus, in spite of some opposition from a certain religious group.

As more solar powered MP3 players are made available, pre-loaded with Bible Stories and the New Testament in their language, they will be distributed in all of the villages. There is excitement building for a mighty move of God throughout northern coastal Mozambique.

In Nacala, we noticed the construction of buildings and warehouses, which signals the arrival of funds from Middle Eastern nations. A spiritual conflict is gathering like a storm. The time of harvest for the Makua-Nahara might be short. I think of the fall of the Berlin wall and the ensuing harvest that only lasted a few years. The farmer works for a few weeks of harvest; so it is with spiritual harvest fields: we must reap while the harvest is ripe!

The first steps to any movement are found in abundant prayer and abundant sowing of the Gospel. We need those who will commit to pray for the Makua-Nahara, and who will invest to sow the Gospel into their lives. Professionals, who can work in vocational and educational training, community development and social work, are needed to complement the teams already serving there. We dare not miss this God-given opportunity.

As we contemplated our experience, we realised we are called to make a difference in these people at this time. It is a life-changing challenge. Will you join us?

By Brad Thurston
Director of Globe Europe, a German missionary sending organisation partnering with WOI

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