Healthcare Houses, Mozambique

Located in Northern Mozambique, O Bom Samaritano uses natural medicine to improve the lives of local people. Our centres are located in Monapo, Memba, and Mossuril. We work in four districts within Nampula Province.

We help Mozambicans in remote villages establish health posts for natural medicine. The health workers participate in monthly seminars where they are taught how to make medicine from herbs and how to treat the sick with that medicine. When they return to their villages, they are able to help others. At a local hospital we are allowed to sell our medicine twice a month. This helps with sustainability.

O Bom Samaritano also has a nutrition programme for orphaned and malnourished children. We also visit local prisons and have a radio programme in Monapo and Mossuril. We also hold word of God meetings.


Monapo, Memba, and Mossuril, Northern Mozambique

Health Issues: malaria, cholera, diarrhea, pneumonia, and HIV/AIDS
Average Income: less than US$1.50 per day
Literacy: approx. 40%
Mozambique is the seventh poorest country in the world

How can you help?

Make a donation to Healthcare Houses.

You donation will allow more people in Mozambique to receive the healthcare they need.

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