Healing testimonies from the frontline

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital! Our faithful workers engage daily with those in need, physically and spiritually.

We want to share some of the encouraging testimonies we receive from the field! God is working, lives are changing, and Christ love is being shared. Read on to be encouraged.

“In November, we were particularly focused on young ladies with problems conceiving. We prayed for natural healing and also spiritual birthing, for the barren to be fruitful (Isaiah 54). One of the girls needed a massive operation – it was hugely successful and we’re praying now that she will conceive. Another physically felt something shift when we anointed her with oil – and she conceived a week later! One lady has fertility issues but also other health problems that meant she was forbidden to conceive. A week or so ago she had made such huge improvements that she was permitted by the doctor to try to conceive.

A man with very advanced cancer (all through his body, including his brain fluid) is holding on way part his expiry date and the cancer has actually retreated somewhat – but still a long way to go. Another lady, in her 70’s, had lung cancer and pneumonia and was not expected to survive. She received the Lord, the pneumonia disappeared and the doctor was tearful and amazed as he discharged her, but she needs a complete miracle for the cancer.

One of our members was rushed to hospital with a heart attack, his second, and he had been warned he would not recover from a 2nd one. The doctor “explained” as he discharged him with wonder that his heart had sprouted a new “tube” in place of a blocked one, which he said was impossible and unheard of.”

Would you commit to pray with us?

Prayer for World Outreach’s field personnel is vital. We invite and challenge you to support them in prayer.

There are two ways you can do so:

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