Healing Is Contagious

Recently, we visited Nampula in an area called Natoto. The leader of the local church was sick, and we went to visit him. We spent some time in the Word, encouraged him for what God is able to do, and prayed for healing. A crowd gathered to watch, and the leader’s niece was a part of that crowd. Even though she was a Muslim, she stayed for the whole meeting.

The next day, we had a meeting about six km from Natoto, and to our surprise the niece walked that distance to attend the service. We received a good report that the leader was feeling much better. At the end of the meeting, she shared that she wanted to have a child. She accepted the Lord as Saviour, and we prayed for her. When she saw that her uncle was better after prayer, she was motivated to seek the Lord to meet her needs too.

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