Auntie Jayo praying for Ned

Healing brings community to Jesus

AFTER NED WAS DIAGNOSED with severe diabetes in Grade two, his illness made it impossible for him to keep going to school. At 12 years old, his major organs had begun to fail, and he spent long, lonely days waiting for death. Then one day an auntie visited with a strange new message about Jesus, the Saviour of the world, who had come to seek, to save, and also to heal the sick. Ned admitted he was in great need of a Saviour, and easily opened his heart to receive Christ. When Auntie Jayo prayed for his healing, he felt warm strength pouring into his body.

Ned knew without a doubt that he was healed! He ran outside, unhitched the buffalo and began to plough the rice field for his dad. Doctors at the local hospital say that this is a healing that science cannot explain. His family and several neighbours are following Jesus because of this miracle. Ned is now back in school, preparing for a very bright future!

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