Miriam Wahr (second from right) with the health care workers.

Healing body, soul and spirit

WE SERVE A MIGHTY GOD! Our ministry, O Bom Samaritano, now has 190 health care workers and 39 health care clinics! I have such a great team! We are working to treat people with, and educate them about, natural medicines.

Our radio programme has been a blessing to many. Co-worker Martin Schumann teaches listeners about the word of God and Papa Paulino teaches them about health. Please pray for this ministry that reaches 200,000 people!

Recently I joined Papa Paulino on a visit to the local prison. I spoke about God’s word and Jesus’s forgiveness. One of the men had tears in his eyes as he asked God to forgive him of his sins. I was so moved!

If everything works out as we hope, my colleague Deborah and I will soon move to Mossuril to work with the Macua Nahara people. Please pray for us! Please also pray for the malnourished babies and for the orphans in our programmes, and for a good rainy season that will help people to have a bountiful harvest!

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