Have You Forgotten Your Dream?

The future missionary prayed, “Lord, I’m not the right guy.” The Lord answered, “You weren’t my first choice. The others wouldn’t go.” When I heard this story of how the Lord called one of our World Outreach International missionaries, I was undone. I said, “Lord, I will go anywhere for you.” It was then I knew I had to serve with WOI.
I was 51 at the time, but I had a call to the nations since my 30s. I was a single mum, so the timing never felt right. I didn’t know what going to the nations looked like for me, but I was sure it didn’t include raising support. I even prayed, “Thank you, Lord for NOT making me a missionary who has to raise support.”
In my 40s I started telling everyone I would go to the mission field when I retired. But the Lord had other plans.
As a result of hearing the WOI missionary’s story, I applied to WOI. When I turned on my computer for my interview, the time showed 11:11. I had heard the number 11:11 meant transition.
Right after I sent my first support raising letters, my company announced that I could volunteer for a huge severance package. Transition was already beginning. I wasn’t ready for this! I only had a small amount raised.
On the last day I could volunteer to quit my job, I found the notes from an interview my young daughter had given me in 2001. I told her my dream job was to be “an overseas missionary”. I had forgotten my dream, but the Lord didn’t. I wept.
It felt like stepping off a cliff as I told my manager I planned to take the severance package. The time was 11:11, transition time. The Lord caught me as I stepped off that cliff. He answered my step of faith with miracle after miracle.
Have you forgotten your dream? Is it time to take a step of faith?

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