Cedric displaying his teaching cloth.

Growth after years of sowing

Corella Creek Community is situated on the Tablelands Highway, Northern Territory, 800 kilometres from Katherine. After visiting this Aboriginal community for 17 years, we are thrilled to see the spiritual growth in their lives. The community is comprised of 10 houses, a school and a clinic.

During this time we have seen many young people and several older folk make a commitment to the Lord. They hold regular Sunday meetings and Sunday school for the children. Cedric and his wife Betty have taken on the spiritual oversight. Cedric presents the Gospel to his people via teaching cloths which he designs and paints himself. The folk relate to this method as they are a very “visual” people. We keep them supplied with all kinds of resources.

We experienced a “miracle” in relation to Sunday school material during our recent mission trip in the outback. We had been unable to resource any materials to distribute to Corella Creek and several other communities we visit. When we arrived in Ayr, Queensland however, the Pastor introduced us to Jan who runs the local bookshop. She blessed us with three large boxes of great literature, that we have passed on. God is so good!

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