Growing in faith

RAHAB MINISTRIES holds Bible study for the ex-bar women three times a week. There is a new or pre-Christian class and it is always encouraging to see women on their individual journeys to faith. Wii has been at Rahab for well over a year now and every morning as she arrives at Rahab, she can be seen reading her Bible, asking questions of other Christians at Rahab and eagerly taking part in the prayer and praise times. To see life and confidence come into her eyes is what Rahab is all about. Prostitution robs women of their value and self-confidence. Across the floor from Rahab is a non-Christian NGO that offers medical care, English lessons and other valuable help to male Patpong prostitutes but they cannot offer the hope that Wii has found through faith in Jesus. Wii’s former identity was as a prostitute, looked down on by many; now Wii’s identity is in her Saviour.

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