Enzo Maisano (left), Bruce Hills and Karen Pack (centre) with delegates

Ground-breaking training

IN PARTNERSHIP WITH the Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka, World Outreach International ran the third and final of our Emerging Leaders of Leaders seminars at a retreat centre near the capital, Colombo. These seminars are designed to equip young leaders who have been identified as significant future leaders. Accompanied by Pastors Enzo Maisano (Melbourne) and Karen Pack (Sydney), the 3-day event attracted nearly 30 delegates from a diverse range of denominations such as the Salvation Army, Reformed, Anglican and AOG. More than 20 of the leaders had completed all three years and received a ‘Certificate of Completion’. We received great feedback. One senior leader mentioned that he was not aware of any other event in Sri Lanka that brings together leaders from so many different denominational backgrounds. In this sense, it was ground-breaking. In 2015, some of the training team will be returning to conduct a ‘train the trainer’ seminar, so the training can be multiplied. Also a new series of seminars will begin for young Tamil-speaking leaders in Sri Lanka’s north.

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