Grant And Riana Franke

IN 2005 WE MOVED to the Nissa province of Mozambique with our children. The people there are as untouched by society as you can possibly get. They do not use nails to build their huts and cook on fires with clay pots. As a family we built an African hut, planted a potato and maize field, fished, washed in the rivers and cooked by fire. We lived as “Macua” as you can get. We devoted ourselves to learning the trade language, Portuguese, and taught in the schools in Portuguese.

We faced many trials including Grant being bit by a scorpion and an old war bomb going off and killing three children, with two others being severely injured. It was very difficult to see the anguish of one of the fathers. Along with all that, we did not see the fruit of our labour and it was very discouraging. We ended up leaving Mozambique for three years.

We are now back in the bush of Northern Mozambique, living amongst the Xirima speakers. Their history is one ridden with war and slave trade. For a period of time, the Macua Xirima were either soldiers or victims of war, having to constantly move around or flee the country. They are Muslim/animist, which means they pay a superficial homage to Islam but their core belief is spiritualism. They do not worship spirits, but fear them.

We have yet to see the masses come to Christ. However more Christians are getting involved with the Macua Xirima people group and we are beginning to see the fruit. Through storying and CPM (Church Planting Movements) more and more Macua Xirima are hearing the Gospel and receiving revelation about who God is and how He loves them. The Macua are on a journey together, and we believe they will make Christ Lord and Saviour together, not as individuals, but as a group.

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  • Dumisani
    15th October 2018

    good work Grant and your family.

  • Heinz Iseli
    9th March 2021

    I read about your work in Mosambik in a booklet of All Nations Gospel Publishers. God may bless you abundantly

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