These grannies are feisty for Jesus!

Granny giving

RECENTLY WE GATHERED a gaggle of gorgeous Koti grannies for a party. The young worship leader chose gentle songs, but they weren’t waiting for him, and danced and sang with such gusto! These grannies are feisty for Jesus!

We encouraged them with the story of Elijah’s widow friend who sustained her family by giving away her last handful of flour, then we gave them 5 kg of flour and a bottle of oil to experiment with!

But they are already givers. They are the social welfare safety net. When their daughters die (from malaria, cholera or childbirth) or just disappear, more grandchildren arrive at their doors, even though they can no longer work in the fields and don’t have enough food for themselves!

We support them so they can care for their grandkids. Sponsoring a cute orphan is great but how about sponsoring a granny who cares for five or six orphans? Ask us about our Sponsor-a-Granny programme!

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