Good News Team Thailand

In 1978 New Zealand World Outreach missionaries Lorraine Dierck and Valerie Bateup started the Good News Team. Today, seven Thai Christians continue that work.

The Good News Team produces a children’s evangelistic booklet every year that is distributed to thousands of school children across Thailand. The magazine uses a cartoon format and includes stories relating to Thai children, Bible stories, puzzles, games, and a variety of articles. The emphasis has always been to bring a clear Gospel message in each booklet. Up to 200,000 copies are printed and distributed each year, depending on funds.

Location: Thailand

The Team visits Thai state schools where they are able to present the Gospel to the whole school. After these programmes, each child is given a copy of one of these booklets. The Team also sends packets of these booklets to school libraries throughout Thailand.

Up to 10% of children who receive a booklet then write for more information about Jesus. On average five to ten children, and their families, will read each booklet. In many homes they are a treasured possession, and we have never seen one booklet thrown away.

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