Ancha - A friend from Memba visiting friend

God’s provision

DEBORAH AND I have moved into the heart area of the Macua-Nahara people, who are pleased that we have come to set up a health centre. Even the local Iman is happy to have us. He has given us a house to live in and our own well! We discovered that the village elders had earlier approached the government to establish a health clinic in this village. The authorities agreed to provide the materials if the locals would build the centre. Once again we praise the Lord for his provision and favour in providing a debt-free clinic that we can operate from.

The local ‘king’ of this region told us that there was a curse on this area because their forefathers didn’t like white people. He said white people would come for a short time, then leave. He wanted to pray to the spirits of his forefathers to break the curse. We told him that Jesus is our protector! Life is never boring here in these remote villages of Mozambique. Pray for those who visit our clinic!

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