Benji (right) prays for the sick and teaches the believers to pray for one another (left).

God’s power disarms persecution

DURING A RECENT Church Planting Movement (CPM) training in Nepal, I had the privilege to conduct five healing services in different churches. One night, a rich and influential Hindu family came to the meeting and I was told that they had been harassing and persecuting the local church for many years. The son of the family had heard in advance about the event and sent his mother and sister to the meeting because of their poor health. Both had a variety of health problems affecting their back, knee, leg, neck, head, stomach – clearly, both bodies needed major renovation!

Within a few minutes, our faithful Lord healed both of them miraculously across all parts of their bodies. I asked them who had healed them and they both answered that it was Jesus Christ! Following the evening, the local pastor shared his excitement over what had happened and the miraculous way that the Lord had delivered them from the family’s persecution. Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

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