God Working in Vietnam

It’s always a joy to train Vietnamese pastors and leaders. This trip was no exception. Pastor Andrew Mercer and I headed to Ho Chi Minh for the second year of the Leaders of Leaders seminar. We were expecting around eighty delegates. One hundred and forty showed up. Many had travelled significant distances to come – some over a thousand kilometres by bus.

On the last day, I kept seeing a diminutive older man and sensing that I should ask him to pray for me. With help from an interpreter, I went and asked him, kneeling before him – partly as an act of humility, and partly so he could reach to lay hands on me. It was a very moving experience, and tears streamed down my face, even though I had no idea what he was saying.

It turns out, he is the Chief of one of the largest tribes in Central Vietnam. When I asked him to pray, he was honoured and reaffirmed in what God is wanting to do through him. Our God is so good!

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