Shee Wai (right) with an ex-Animist high priest (left) now with a house church of 50

God is working in Myanmar

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE believers in Myanmar. Their country has recently opened up its border. Foreign investors are hurrying to invest in the country, which means that foreign influences, both good and bad, will quickly follow. Christians remain a minority in most areas of the country.

Still, God is working. One house church leader, a former Animist high priest, had been using loud speakers to share the Gospel with his village. Then one night, an angel appeared to him in a dream and said, “Stop what you are doing. I will now do my work.” He had the same dream three nights in a row. He obeyed and started to pray more for his village. Now even more people are coming to his church!

I also spent time with children in WOI-supported boarding homes and I met three young adults who had spent time at these boarding homes, then gone to university and have returned to serve in the homes.

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