God speaks through a cow

Prabin, A House Church Leader in Assam, raises cattle to supplement his income. Recently, one of his very valuable cows suddenly disappeared. After two weeks Prabin gave up searching and prayed, “Lord, this cow did not belong to me in the first place so because you gave it to me, you know why it is lost and I leave it to you.” Shortly afterward, the family was astonished to see the cow walk into their yard by itself.

It was discovered that the cow had been stolen and taken to the local witch doctor to have blessings performed over it. In the middle of his ritual, the witch doctor stopped and said loudly, “I cannot touch this cow. This cow belongs to a very powerful person and if anyone would touch it, harm will come his way. You must release this cow immediately!” The cow was released and walked the 17kms back to Prabin’s – unaccompanied. The amazing testimony of Prabin’s cow has allowed the Gospel to be sown in the whole community of 25,000 people.

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