Moshi and his wife Gulapi outside CDC.

God saved my life

MOSHI WAS BORN into a Christian family but got involved with the wrong crowd at university.

When he and his friends went to a particular village, a rival gang heard about it and planned to attack and kill them. Moshi’s group learnt of this and spread out, looking for places to hide. A farmer took pity on Moshi and allowed him to hide in his barn. He was terrified and knew if the rival gang found him it would mean certain death.

While in hiding he began calling on Jesus and declared that if the Lord saved him, he would abandon the life he had been living and serve the Lord. In the morning the farmer came and took him to the station and put him on a bus back to his home.

Moshi never returned to his previous lifestyle and last year applied to study at CDC. With his wife Gulapi, he is now preparing for the Lord’s service. Please pray for them.

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