God is moving in India

ANITA WAS SICK for 14 years. Her parents consulted witch doctors, but nothing worked. Then a group of house church members did a prayer walk through Anita’s village. They visited and prayed with Anita for several days and she was healed. Today, Anita’s family runs their own house church.

BALA IS A SPORTS COACH in Guwahati, India. She has been a believer for some time, but for many reasons, her life had drifted away from the Lord. When she was diagnosed with cancer, church planter Sheemila encouraged her to turn back to God, and Bala did. Not long after, Bala hired a cab to take her to the bus station. She was travelling alone and the driver wanted to take advantage of her, so he took a different route under the pretence of taking a shortcut. Bala became suspicious. She had a feeling that she was in danger and began to pray to God for help. Just a few minutes later, the cab was involved in an accident. No one was injured and people quickly arrived on the scene to help. Bala was safe. Even though Bala is struggling with her health, she knows now to turn to the Lord. She was lost, but now she is found in Him again.

PRITI HAD BEEN SICK for three years with various ailments and her parents had spent a fortune of more than 300,000 rupees for her medical treatment but to no avail. They had been to a number of hospitals, doctors and witch doctors as well and were at the end of the road with despair.

Then they met Nirmal who told them about Jesus’s healing power. They had never heard of Jesus Christ but in desperation they chose to trust and believe. Nirmal prayed with them and has ministered to them regularly since.

Their daughter is now back to full health and the doctors have certified her healing, even asking what treatment they used. It was Jesus who came and visited with healing in His wings!

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