God is My Help

AFTER HEARING THE Gospel, Abdul became interested in the life of Christ. Joseph gave Abdul the New Testament and Abdul read all four of the Gospels, not once, but twice! Convicted by the Word, Abdul believed in Jesus for the forgiveness of his sin and even took water baptism! He then went out and began sharing about Jesus to others in his village. Within no time at all, ten more people had received Jesus as their Saviour and were baptised.

Abdul was hungry for more knowledge of Jesus and took the opportunity to attend Bible school for six months. After finishing his courses, he went back to his village to share. However, local religious leaders turned on him and stirred up the whole village against him. They came running at him to beat him. Miraculously, local authorities intervened. Despite the persecution, Abdul stood before a crowd of 5,000. With great courage and boldness, Abdul shared his testimony. Please pray for Abdul as he courageously follows Christ and shares the Gospel with all those around him.

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