God Is At Work

Several of our teammates have been discipling a new believer and his wife up on the mountain. This has been a slow process but we were encouraged last month by several things that happened. It was raining and after biblical storytelling, the visiting evangelist prayed for the rain to stop so he could go home. It stopped, but the evangelist stayed on because the conversation was so good. The following week he returned, and the new believer told him that twice during the week he had been high up on the mountain farming and needed to come home and so he prayed for the heavy rain to stop in the name of Jesus. Both times it did. He was so excited he came down the mountain and told his neighbours what happened. They just laughed and said he was crazy. The following week he dreamt of a giant. If a giant comes to you, it is a sign that you will be sick. So he rose up and rebuked the giant in the name of Jesus and he didn’t get sick. God is at work growing His people.

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