God chooses the “smallest people” ~ Myriam’s story

When you meet the radiant smile of Myriam Wahr, you would never guess the obstacles she had to overcome as a child. Raising her up to be a formidable community health leader and servant who is impacting hundreds of lives in Africa, this is the testimony of God’s grace in Myriam’s life. When God has marked a life for His service, there is no limit to the miracles He can perform.


Myriam is a pediatric nurse from Germany and has worked in Mozambique since 2004. Her specialist areas include preventive medicine, first aid and a project aimed at feeding the homeless, especially children. Myriam founded the Mozambiquan association O Bom Samaritano in 2009 which supports the health system with natural medicine and trains local paramedics using teaching material from Anamed (Action Natural Medicine).

When did God call you to Mozambique and how did He do it?

I was always someone who was gripped by suspense filled stories from the mission field. I wanted to be a missionary in Africa but sometimes I had doubts if that was really God’s will for my life. Later on, a few prophetesses confirmed God’s mission calling on my life. I went to a discipleship school where we were taught how to hear the voice of God. One day, I prayed, “Where do you want me to go Lord?” God’s answer to me was Mozambique. Mozambique? I had heard a little bit mentioned about this country once before but apart from that, I knew nothing about Mozambique! I was not really sure if I had heard correctly but our God is great and He sent me a confirmation. Two or three days later I was sent a magazine with the big, fat frontline – Mozambique. Wow, I knew it really was God who spoke!


What steps did you take from there?

I was so excited, I wanted to start immediately but there were no open doors at that time, instead I worked for six years in Germany and used my vacations to go on short-term trips to eastern Europe. After six years it was time and God opened a door. I heard through friends that World Outreach International needed a nurse for their farm in Northern Mozambique. I planned to make a short trip to investigate the project.

There were a few problems that were concerning me, such as being a woman travelling alone in Africa. God knew about this and sent a married couple to accompany me. I spent one week on the farm and it was a great time.

Before I flew back to Germany, I gave all my Mozambiquan money away because you cannot take it into another country, however I didn’t know about the airport tax. You can imagine the awful situation I was in when I arrived at the counter without any money in the correct currency. What do you do in such a situation? I prayed a quick prayer and God did not let me down. The person behind paid for me!

My work at the hospital in Germany was very important to me so I asked God for another nurse who could replace me before I left for Mozambique. God sent a Christian nurse, allowing me to resign with peace in my heart to go and prepare everything for my new ministry. In addition, my prospective leader wrote and told me that an Australian church wanted to support me. I was a little bit surprised because I thought that I had enough support before I resigned from my job. I knew and still know God opened all these doors. He wanted me to be in Mozambique.


Committing to full-time ministry always requires sacrifice. What was a sacrifice for you?

The biggest sacrifice was to leave my family. I have a very close relationship with them, especially with my parents. I miss my church and having regular services as well. Another big challenge is being fully dependant on God – especially for finances. Human pride does not always make it easy to do that!

How did God reward your sacrifice?

He gave me divine fulfillment. I believe that a person cannot reach a greater place of peace than by walking in the calling of God for their lives. He created every person with strengths and abilities for their special calling.

He also gave me favour; favour from the local authority that supports us, favour from my local team members and –  this is the most important to me – His favour. I can see that God makes this project successful, not because of us or our work but because of His grace. Every day is an adventure and I am pleased to say that I am a daughter of God who can take part in witnessing big and small miracles in so many situations.


What are some of the miracles you have seen?

One way I continue to see God’s miracles daily is through our vehicles. Sometimes when I look at the bush roads, I wonder if we will ever make it through. The poor condition of the roads takes a big toll on our vehicles so that we often have problems with the tyres and sometimes even worse problems than that. The vehicles are really necessary for our ministry here and so it is always a problem when one does not work – or even two. I think a lot of missionaries on the field can appreciate that.

One day when we were driving through the bush, part of our car suddenly broke. I was scared about our security and how we would reach our house before it started to get dark. God sent us help and we made it back to the house safely, however now I had a new fear because the mechanic said that the repair would cost 3,000 Euro! I was really angry. I said to God, “This cannot be happening! We have had so many car problems and you know this. Why? I want you to find a solution!” And He did. A few weeks later, one of my supporters sent the same amount of money needed for the repair without knowing anything about the situation!

This is just one of the many “car stories”. Every time we have had problems on the road, God has kept us safe and we were able to get help quickly. Often there were wonderful people who came to our aid. I can see God’s solicitude in all of these situations.

Another miracle I experienced was when I took a college student into the bush to visit one of our health posts. After the long drive and a long meeting, we were really tired and wanted to drive home but as we were leaving a group of women came up to us. They asked if we could pray for them explaining that they were suffering from “bad ghosts” because of their practice in witchcraft and that they wanted to be free! We prayed for them and God did indeed set them free. One woman even burned all of her witchcraft fetishes. I was so impressed by this experience, not because I did not know that God can deliver but because I recognised that if we had not spent this time to pray for the women, they would still be afflicted by the devil.

I have seen miracles in the finances too. For me personally, it is very important that God supplies enough finance for the ministry because this is a sign to me that I am still in the right place. He has not let me or the ministry down. He supports us – not too early, so my trust is often tested but not too late either. He keeps watch over His children.

This ministry is just for Him and His kingdom. I am so pleased that I am allowed to take part in it. All praise to God, He is truly great!


What is the most important thing you have learnt looking back?

When I look back, I can say that God chooses the smallest people to show His grace in their lives.

How did God show His grace in your life?

I was a very shy child. In school I took longer to understand things than the other children my age. My teacher did not recognise that I needed another way to learn. In Germany, after four years, a teacher decides which school a child should go to next. My teacher did not see my potential and wanted to send me to a special school for handicapped children. But God helped me! He sent another teacher who helped me to learn more effectively so that I could attend a regular school. I did already say that he chooses the “smallest person”. Everything I have accomplished is because of His grace. I am so glad to serve him.

Myriam has a heart to raise up others with a heart to serve God in missions.

Myriam desires to raise up others with a heart to serve God in missions.

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