There is a God who cares

INACIO IS A SUCCESSFUL Muslim fisherman. He owns four fishing boats and was the first in his village to have electricity. Over time, he heard several Bible stories and one day decided to put his trust in Jesus.

He was recently water baptised in the river. When he got back from his baptism, he said to his wife, “Just so you know, from today on, we follow Isa (Jesus)! When our children get sick, we will no longer visit the witch doctor, but will pray to God and then go to hospital”. Inacio’s wife agreed.

Inacio started a new life. He told his friends, “The old Inacio is dead. I am a new Inacio! I am not doing the old witchcraft things anymore, because there is a God who cares. We do not have to pray to the spirits under the big tree anymore”.

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