God Answers Prayer And Extends Mercy

RATAN’S MOTHER always wanted him to go into full-time ministry. However, Ratan had different plans for himself. He wanted to make a lot of money. Upon finishing secondary school, Ratan joined the Border Security Force in Bangladesh. After just six months of service, he was arrested for acts of smuggling. While awaiting his trial, he recognised his foolishness. He began to pray and repent for not listening to his mother. He promised God that if he were released, he would serve the Lord full-time.

After one week in jail there was a court martial. Ratan was found guilty and sent to prison. While in prison Ratan was approached by the Major who said, “You are a Christian and I know Christians do not do such things.” And so Ratan was granted mercy and released from prison.
Ratan has received forgiveness and is now serving the Lord alongside his wife. They have started four new church plants and are actively preaching the Gospel.

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