Global Conference – A Wonderful Success!

Most personnel serving with World Outreach International only knew their colleagues serving in other regions of the world through photos in a magazine or on a website. Living on different continents, most never had to chance for a face-to-face meeting, to have a meal or worship the Lord together. No more! Back in June, with the help of sponsors, WOI held a Global Conference in Thailand where some 350+ personnel from around the world gathered for a time of refreshing, renewal and re-envisioning. This unique event was wonderfully blessed of the Lord. His presence was very real throughout the four-night / three-day conference. Here are some testimonies from participants:

Attending WOI conference last month was really faith boosting for me as hearing testimonies from experienced missionaries who have given their lives for God’s work was amazing and the presence of Holy Spirit was there. This conference gave me courage and strength to carry on, and I really felt blessed being part of WOI. (Majid, Pakistan)

I’m really grateful for the time and effort both of you and many others put into organising the conference for us all. It was a wonderful time of reconnecting with so many awesome people who are serving God with the same vision and passion. I was personally very blessed by the various ministries and the field reports. The presence of the Holy Spirit was really special – it felt like we were under an open heaven. (Jenny, Japan)

We really enjoyed the conference – so good to get together with the rest of the WOI family – always good to see familiar faces, and GREAT that the family is growing so that there are heaps of people we hadn’t met before. (Kay, NZ)

Wow, what a great conference! A huge thank you and well done to all who were involved. (Sue, Mozambique)

On behalf of my entire family, I just want to say thank you for organising the WOI conference. We have been blessed by the field reports and messages. (Rich, Singapore)

A HUGE thank you for making it possible for me to attend the conference. It was a great time not only refreshing me spiritually but meeting so many dedicated missionaries and their families.
(David, UK)

It was an honour for me to be part of this conference. There was such a wonderful sense of joy in the meetings. I was greatly encouraged to continue serving the Lord. (Eliza, Thailand)

The teaching had a wonderful balance to it. I felt very warmly welcome by the WOI leadership. (Tomba, India)

It was a refreshing time for me. I felt a new hunger for God grow in me during the conference. This time together will give me strength for many more years of service. (Myriam, Mozambique)

The conference was absolutely amazing. I was so blessed to learn that friends of WOI made this financially possible. I’m so impressed with the way WOI works and how it looks after its people. (Willem, South Africa)

I was refreshed, encouraged, amazed at all God is doing through WOI ministries, and healed of shoulder pain and on the inside also. What a great time we had together. (Pam, Australia)

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